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REFLECTIONS IN THE MOMENT . . . . . . The Journey Continues

This continues to be a year of change, turmoil and uncertainty, with the protest of the continued racial divide highlighted  and viewed by the world, as a result of Social media;  it can no longer be denied - a separate an unequal UNITED STATES OF AMERICA continues to reign.   Global warming is evident and pervasive in the numerous natural disasters and high temperatures.   Racism that is spawned by those in power, that can affect change deny the majority and morality of mankind, while they wave the flag to define and defend the status quo of white privilege

To awaken to a daily dose of turmoil and covid19 that separates us further from human contact - where's  peace?

PEACE is within

Each day begin again-in the moment, to discover something that brings you joy

Acquaint yourself with your ancestors, spirit guides and the


Embrace and enjoy the moment!

 I  am grateful to embrace the moment of peaceful meditation as I  relish in THE CREATOR'S landscape.

I've witnessed  Mother Nature  majestic rushing waves, moving rocks and boulders as she reclaims the lakefront; and mankind destruction and liter that is left behind for her to swallow.

I enjoy THE CREATORS  beautiful garden of colorful wildflowers and trees that have been trimmed by the winds.

I have passed fellow masked travelers,  who's eyes twinkle and have a quick wave or nod to say -

"I see you, enjoy your day".

Have met others who through their lens capture the moment of peace.

I've found my PEACE.  I had no need to travel to distant lands or traverse the globe, it's right here

 The Southside of Chicago



Where ever you are find the beauty in that moment.



GOD has laid before us a time and place to be of service!

Yesterday, I saw a young lady pacing, she was visibly distraught and talking to herself. I called out to her, to make sure she was o.k. She stated no, “where did he go”, “are you o.k., no I can’t find my boyfriend, he called and threaten to commit suicide”, I watched as she found him, sitting on the ledge, perched to jump. I mouth, “should I call the police”, she nodded affirmatively. As a Black woman on the southside of Chicago, you hesitate to call the police for assistance. I deferred to her request. Informed the police dispatch of the problem, let them know he was not a threat, did not have a weapon, so there was no need to shoot him. As this unfolded, he was getting more agitated, I hung up to help her in her effort to coax him back on the other side of the railing, because now he was perched to jump. I called for help, by others who were walking along the lakefront, many passed by or stood from a distance in disbelief , two men did come to assist. Ironically, one happens to be a crises manager. He talked him back onto the ground, only for the young man to escape under the pedestrian walkway. His girlfriend stated he was bipolar, had reached out for help at Jackson Park hospital, only to be denied assistance. We attempted to follow as the police and ambulance ‘finally’ arrived to guide them to the direction he’d gone.

I don’t know what happen to the young man, I did call the dispatcher back, but was not able to get any information. I can only hope and pray he receives the help he needs and pray that he realizes that he is important and his presence on this planet, is vital and he has a purpose.

We never know what others are going through, and this emphasis more than ever, not to judge and always show empathy, kindness, concern and care for all fellow human beings.

As that sayings goes ‘THERE BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD, GO I”

GOD has a purpose

GOD has a plan

We don’t always know

Or able to see GODS vision for our life

That’s when our faith must endure,

When we feel that we have reached our end

GOD throws us a lifeline,

We must hold on and know that




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