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We've all heard the adages-'Live in the moment', 'Make every minute count'. In times such as these the COVID 19 virus, depending on your view on life, holds you hostage or liberates you to be in the moment and reflect on NOW.

Times such as these, when every being on the planet has STOPPED!!! We've had to re-examine our lives, our hopes, dreams and loves, to answer the questions, what is really important for us to survive, thrive and grow. We've had to come to grips with a new way of thinking about our very existence.

Reflections in the moment - is a journey of NOW. We must live in the moment in this so called 'new reality'. Through the CREATORS grace as the poem states, "Grant me the serenity to accept thing I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference." I cannot change a sunrise or affect the tides, I can just enjoy the moment and reflect on where GOD guides.

At the suggestion of a friend I decided to embrace this time, as we will never have this day again.

Began a new journey. For some reason I was awoken by GOD - 5:30 a.m. unusual, no not so much, but the eagerness to begin today was. Normally, I would lie there and go back to sleep. This morning, also with the encouragement of my colleague and friend, inspired me to get out and relish in the moment. WELL TODAY IS THE DAY.

I got as far as the Cultural Center, a nice policeman (MY GRAY HAIR GETS ME ENTRÉE INTO A LOT OF PLACES), allowed me to go in the park so I could write in my journal and meditate. A very pleasant way to begin GODS DAY!!!

A new day, gave thanks to the Creator, ancestors and spiritual guides, started my day with meditation and journaling. Moving away from checking into social media, not a pleasant way to start anyone’s day, especially as an empath.

Started out at 6:22, time is of no great significance, just a starting point for my day. I got as far as . Was going to ride my beautiful bike, (CHRISTMAS GIFT FROM MY BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER), something went wrong with the steering, will look at it later. Was not deterred, so I'm on my way!!

MAY 28, 2020

I give thanks to GOD and my spiritual guides for a new day. It’s inclement weather so I don’t want to go too far. As I approached the Cultural Center, I was going to take a photograph from the lake front. As I approached the sanctuary garden two friends came out to greet me and decided to sit in the middle of the path. I could have continued, but decided this space is for all GODS creatures. Maybe tomorrow I’ll go that route again, maybe not. Life teaches us every day, the route we want to take is not always the right one - Follow GOD’s plan!

May 29, 2020

Thanks to my GOD and spiritual guides. Today I walked farther. I tried to focus and enjoy the journey. Yet again, it was not easy, my mind kept wandering to the end instead of natures beauty that surrounded me. Like most, it’s easy to concentrate and look forward to the end of the road instead of enjoying the moment. I’m GODS - work in progress, trying to stay present and enjoying the moments.

May 30, 2020

As I looked to leave and return home, GOD and my spirit guides gifted me with this beautiful view. As I walked my attention is drawn the unique stature and quiet sway of the trees, some lean to the right, some left, some standing strong - yet all coexisting as a fortified unit that cased a protective shade, thank you. I listen as the birds sing a melodic tune, individually, but together - a symphony.

May 31, 2020

All praise to GOD and my spiritual guides. I lingered little longer in meditation. As I begin my day later than planned, I changed directions and veered left onto the golf course. Approaching the lake, I noticed I was not alone. GOD Has a sense of humor and will always get your attention.

Yes, a wolf or a fox was enjoying the morning with me. It sauntered in one direction, me in the other!

June 1, 2020

A new day, a new week. A new beginning. Every day is different and a chance to begin again. Being present in the moment isn’t always easy, your emotions linger in the past, like a thin veil.

The lake was woken, it climbs over the breaker, taking turns, as it urgently rushes over the stones built to maintain and keep it in its place, singing its own solo - I will not be retained.


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